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Fit Hit is a startup company dedicated to the health and fitness industry. They look to connect personal trainers, gyms and other health professionals to their audience through an online marketplace, where visitors can view the nearest gyms and classes available and book instantly online.


Fit Hit required a complex system to allow businesses to manage their bookings and enquiries and for general users to be able to find classes and gyms in their local area. The system had to be robust enough for expansion for future development, but needed to be simple for the end users.


Working closely with Fit Hit, we looked at the marketplace and competitors to establish what worked and what didn’t, but more importantly what did business owners need the most. When then conducted research for the general consumer to establish the pain points to which we could target them and incorporate into the system and marketing.


The main goal for Fit Hit was to establish a working concept, system and market to take for further investment. They have now secured the required funding to continue to develop further.

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