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Whether you are new to digital or online marketing and advertising or have experience, we will work with you to put together a detailed marketing and advertising plan and strategy that can be implemented by your in house team or marketing agency.

We will conduct a detailed review of your online presence and activity to identify strengths and weaknesses, analyse your market and you key competitors, diagnose obstacles to conversion and define opportunities to target.

We will apply our expertise to show you how to improve your online presence, increase lead generation and brand awareness, and start delivering serious growth for your business.

A marketing and advertising review and audit is the ideal place to start a review of your marketing activity. A detailed and meaningful review that will form the basis of your marketing plans. Our report will provide you with key information on a range of areas to include: –

  • Overview of your current marketing strategy
  • Presentation of your image and presence
  • Market analysis overview your competition and their presence
  • Advertising overview and what has and what has not worked
  • Pricing analysis pitching you against your key competitors
  • Web page analysis including: usability; design upgrades, search strategy, website optimisation, and web advertising strategies
  • Conclusion, Recommendation and advice
  • Implementation strategy

Digital marketing can prove very effective and when managed and directed properly spend will be controlled, resulting in maximum return on investment. When complimented to a well put together advertising strategy, this will further boost and enhance your overall campaign.

Marketing and Advertising should drive new business, which in turns drives income and profitability. Getting a clear and defined strategy with key results and deliverables is essential to controlling marketing spend and ensuring your business gains true return on investment.

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