What is branding and how is your brand image important to your bank balance.

What is branding?

“What Is Branding?”… You start to hear people uncomfortably shuffling, struggling where to begin to answer what seems a fairly straightforward question. From time to time, you also hear the question “Why’s your brand image so important?” and likewise it causes much stress in the person looking to answer. In this article, you will find … Read more

Bad Websites And Poor Design: The Deadly Combo That Will Damage Your Business

How Bad Website Designs Kills Your Business

Why Badly Designed Website Actually Damage Your Business.  The top 10 mistakes that you want to avoid (or fix) if you want your website to actually generate new leads for your business. Your website is one of the most vital assets in your business and should not be ignored. So why do a lot of … Read more

Monarch Flood Protection

We are excited to work with one of the leading flood protection companies in the North East, Monarch Flood Protection. Monarch Flood Protection has commission 5 Star Pr Marketing to redesign their website to align with their branding and range of products and services. Monarch Flood Protection has been serving clients throughout the UK and … Read more

Kapex Construction

Construction Company Website Designers

5 Star PR Marketing are looking forward to working with Kapex Construction who are establishing themselves as one of the most exciting construction companies in the North East. Kapex Construction have recently completed the multi million pound renovation of Grey Street Hotel and has transformed the dated building into to one of the most sought … Read more

Groovy Students – New Client Focus

5 Star PR Marketing are delighted to announce that we are working with one of the fastest growing purpose built student accommodation developers in the North East. Groovy Students ambitious plans to expand the number of luxury student accommodations across Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Newcastle and Durham to provide one of the best student living experiences possible. … Read more